Help on logging into BlueChip

If you are unable to log in, please do the following checks on your computer:

  • Ensure that your date and time is set correctly. Do this by double-clicking on the time that you see on the bottom right. Make sure that the AM and PM is correct.
  • Check that your computer is set at the correct time zone. Double click on the time on the bottom right of your screen. Click on Time Zone and check that the time zone is set for GMT+2 Harare, Pretoria.
  • Ensure that the privacy level is correctly set in Internet Explorer (IE). Start IE, then click on Tools / Internet Options. Click on Privacy, and make sure that your privacy level is set to Medium or lower. Click on Advanced and make sure that "Override automatic cookie handling" is not ticked.
  • Close internet explorer, wait 10 seconds, and open it up again. Try to log in.

If you are still experiencing problems logging in, please contact BlueChip support. Contact details below.